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This is:

My story.

Trusting the timing of my life, expecting nothing, appreciating everything, living passionately and capturing the magic one day at a time.


Hi there!

I’m a natural light photographer and an avid story teller based in North Wales. I use photography to tell the stories of my life… all those perfectly imperfect stories. Read more about me below!

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And I'm passionate about capturing mine. Not only the big occasions but the every day, the here and now moments, that I sometimes don't recognise as being priceless at the time. It's only when I look back on my family portfolio of images that I realise how special these moments are and I'm so thankful that I took the time to capture them.



The usual 'my story' content is probably best kept for when we meet but, in the meantime, my South African born husband, Vincent, and I are empty nesters. Between us we have four grown up children and six grandchildren between the UK and Cape Town. My life has had many twists and turns, and hasn't always turned out quite how I anticipated when I was a teenage romantic back in high school. But I've learnt so much, about life, about every day stuff, about myself. Living and working in Cape Town for twenty years had a huge impact on me and I'll be forever thankful for that adventure. It's true what they say... once you've lived in Africa, a part of it will always be with you, deep in your heart, no matter where you are in the world or what season you're in.

Liz loves…

All things light and white and airy. Minimalism and being organised. Sunsets and clear skies. Family times. Texture and depth. Sweet stories and inspirational quotes. Seeing wonder in the eyes of little ones. Jeans and boots. Messy up-do’s and minimal make up. Accessorising with scarves and jewelry. Cappuchino’s and flapjacks. Lychee juice and sweet melon and so much more.