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Friday Favourite | Let's be Adventurers

We’re super excited to be spending some time with these guys (and gal!) next week and there’s so much on the agenda. Lots of pizza and ice cream, sweeties and milk shakes. Singing happy birthday to Jodie, blowing out candles and eating cake. Treasure seeking and wild runs on the beach. Collecting shells and playing soldiers and wrestling. Forest adventures and a little time in the pool. Crabbing, crazy golf and coca cola. Late bedtimes and lazy wake ups, plugging in and unplugging. All that and so much more.

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Thanks on Thursday | Right Here

This is where you’ll find me hanging out most nights and at weekends when I’m not out shooting. A happy place and one of my favourite spots to be. My cute little bureau, picked up in a sorry state, and my captain’s chair (that wasn’t in such a sorry state), both lovingly restored, nurtured and newly distressed by Jodie and given to me, some four or so years ago now.

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Thanks on Thursday | Birthday Girl

Let me introduce our eldest daughter. This is Jodie and she celebrated a birthday last weekend. It seems like only yesterday that I was taking her swimming, washing her hair, packing her lunch for school, and a million and one other things that Mum's with young children do, and then wham! Here she is, all grown up, with her partner, Stuart, and their two little boys, Jack and Charlie.

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