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Friday Favourite | An Egg Prerequisite

Grocery shopping is a pain. If those that put together online orders shopped like I do, I’d trade the traipsing up and down each aisle for any amount of clicks and the logging of my debit card as my preferred way to pay any day of the week. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in wanting long sell by/use by/best before dates. I don’t like my fruit over-ripe or my veggies starting to shrivel either.

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Friday Favourite | From a Distance

It’s always good to see things from a different angle. Sometimes, when we change our perspective, we prefer the result, it can make us happier, we can understand a little better. Other times, we can be disappointed or saddened, even hurt or confused. Sometimes, it’s a little bit of both, a classic pro’s and con’s affair. Some yin with some yang.

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