Monday Muse | A Fair Living


In recent years I’ve visited the Summer and Winter Arts Market in Liverpool Cathedral (a treat in itself!) where artists and creatives display their beautiful work. Most people would say their prices are expensive but here’s the thing. The skills of these exhibitors is often not just a hobby. It’s not something they do when they have an hour or two to pass the time and most of them don’t create for pocket money. It’s their living. Read that again. It’s their living.

It’s often their only source of income for paying their bills, for keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. When you decide to purchase one of their beautiful pieces of work, you’re not only purchasing the item, you’re acknowledging the artist for their skill, their knowledge, their raw materials, their expenses in acquiring those raw materials, their time, their flair. And you’re purchasing a little piece of their heart and soul.

You see, creatives tend to be super passionate about what they do and what they create. They strive to bring you, the customer, the client, the purchaser, joy, beauty and pleasure in their masterpieces so they put everything they have into their creations. And let’s be honest, each and everyone of us always welcomes a little joy, beauty and pleasure in our lives, right?

So next time you’re admiring an artists work but you’re flinching at the price, think about all the energy and resources they’ve put into their creation and the price of their time. Time that they’ve spent away from their family to bring you a little piece of beauty. Above all, please don’t barter. After all, does the person, organisation or conglomerate who pays your salary barter with you before they pay you each month? No. And if they did, would you be happy receiving less than what you value yourself? No.

Support artists and creatives as you do big brands and help them make a fair living!

I didn’t intend getting on my soap box for this weeks Muse but I did want to show you this little piece of joy created by Euvella* that I fell in love with at Root 44, Stellenbosch!

Much love,


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