Weekly Vibe | End of Summer


Seasons come and seasons go, leaving us and the world a little more worn, a little older and a little more full, like an old style photograph album, we cram in more memories of a season that is still so fresh in our minds.

This view is never, ever tiresome, it’s soothing for the soul and a perfect pick-me-up when life gets a little heavy. It’s eye candy in beautiful, soft light. It’s passionate and relentless in stormy skies. It’s home.

Under a warm summer sky, 100’s of sandcastles built with millions of tiny grains of sand, forming like new-build developments in real life, appeared and disappeared daily. Masterpieces that have been playfully destroyed or washed away with the tide, leaving a blank canvas for the next creator that came along to play, to dream, to wish. There was a strange obsession with digging holes this season, BIG holes, that had the potential to be really dangerous after dark, but the tide took care of that too.

Jellyfish captured the attention of many and baby toes felt the sand and sea for the first time. The indulgence of every flavour of ice cream you can imagine. Fresh fish and chips that the seagulls enjoyed impolitely. Flip flops and sun hats. Bikini’s and shorts. Sun screen and books and magazines. Windbreaks on days when it was determined “we will go to the beach”. A group of youngsters enjoying good, clean fun on a warm August evening that made me wish our kids were visiting. Crabbing and fishing trips and those who took their chances fishing from the prom at high tide. Couples, friends and families, grandparents and empty nesters. An immense footfall.

So many enjoyed the summer season in our little corner of the world and it will be the same again next year, although just a little bit more worn, a little bit more weather-beaten but always, always beautiful.

Much love,