Monday Muse | The Puzzle of Life


Life is so fragmented these days. We’re all like little pieces of a bigger picture with different shapes and curves, all unique in our own way. We school, we work, we play, we eat, we sleep, we drink. All in order to survive. Then there’s the undercurrents, like we care, we feel, we love, we hate, we hurt, all the while swimming beneath the surface as we try to deal with them as best we can in any given situation.

We think we get it together and then we fall apart, only to be put back together again yet not quite in the same way. A little worn, a little older… just like the pieces of a much loved jigsaw that survives generations, peeling and creased after many an over-zealous toddler has made gallant efforts to force them into spaces that just don’t fit.

Shadows like little backpacks of stuff that we no longer wish to visit, give room to, or have to deal with. Stuff that maybe once fitted us but no longer does. Stuff that maybe never fitted us and never will.

To win at this game called life, we have to face the sun, turn our backs on the shadows and link with those that, quite simply, fit.

Much love,