Weekly Vibe | The boys were back in town


These boys are so alike in lots of ways yet so different in others. I picked up these hats spontaneously as I did some grocery shopping the week before the boys arrived, knowing that one would be quite happy to wear it while the other one would, in all probability, think it wasn’t so cool.

It’s just that I got them the wrong way round… Jack wore his quite a lot on the beach (I thought he’d turn his nose up at it) whereas Charlie didn’t give his hat much of a second thought after I took this shot! More often than not in the past, it’s been the other way around, so in the words of Forrest Gump… these boys are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

While prepping for this post, I considered editing the little blemish Charlie has on his cheek. Oh my days, this one is such a cheeky chappie! But back to the blemish… I like my work, especially my personal images, to be real and current and authentic. Charlie wore that blemish all week although it had started to clear up by the time they left on Sunday, but that was him for the week. Blemish, (cheeky grin) and all!

So yeah, although our (small) place was crazy mad and loud last week… we miss them!

Much love,