Monday Muse | The Boys Were Here


As an empty nester with kids and grands far and wide, this is a rare sight around here. Wrestlers, spitfires, Jack’s soft toys and the paper Charlie had asked for to draw on.

The boys are little live wires, with an energy level that I wish I had. They fill our place with noise and fun and laughter and arguing, the kind that only little ones are capable of. Sometimes they appear so grown up already and, despite catching the odd glimpse of their future teenage years, there are other times when you remember that they are only 7 and 6.

Captures like this are extra special for me because it doesn’t happen around here a lot given the distance that separates us and the lives we all lead. But I’m so very grateful for these rare opportunities to grab these snapshots when they present themselves because Jack and Charlie won’t be bringing wrestlers, spitfires and soft toys with them forever. And neither will Charlie be asking for paper on which to draw forever. It’s a short window, a really short one which is why I don’t take these things for granted nor do I worry that I had to crank my ISO way up high for this shot because I’d rather have the noise/grain in the image than not have the memory captured at all.

Whatever their next passion is, I know I’ll be in the wings waiting to capture what’s getting their attention at any given stage of their development. And I hope one day they know just how much love Nana (and Oupa, who’s super special to these boys!) have in their heart for them!

Much love,