Friday Favourite | Glorious Pinks


Every year it’s a toss up between planting my own baskets or buying them. The thing is, I’m a messy planter. And I mean, really messy. And the other thing is, pre-planted baskets can be a tad pricey. So you see my dilemma…?

This year, I just couldn’t face carting numerous trays of seedlings and potting soil (I always buy far too much of both) up to our third floor balconies. Nor could I face cleaning up my mess. So when I saw this one, which ok, it wasn’t as well developed shall I say, when I first bought it from a local supermarket, I politely lifted it from it’s perch and into my shopping trolley.

It felt liberating to carry this little find up to the lounge balcony and swiftly hang it from the bracket that has been patiently waiting to be of use this year. No mess. No surplus seedlings or potting soil. And all it asks for is water. Daily. And lots of it. So all in all, this abundance of pinks hasn’t been bad for a tenner!

And it you’re wondering about our bedroom balcony, it’s been a little out of use this planting season - or hanging season, whichever way you look at it - due to our feather tenants whom you can read about here and here!

Much love,

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