Weekly Vibe | It's been a while... but there's new life


Hello, I’m back, skidding in from a weird, bizarre and crazy couple of months! I’ve missed being around here but sometimes life has other plans for us and although there’s still a way to go, I’m slowly starting to get my head around a couple of curved balls that came my way.

One of those curved balls being my redundancy from my full time day job back in February - more about that coming soon. It’s a strange old life, that’s for sure, and for the best part of this peculiar time, I only managed a scant few Monday Muses with the odd Once upon a Wednesday post sprinkled in between. And I’m ok with that.

So guys, how have you all been? Have you been or about to go on holiday? I’d love to hear your travel stories given that I’m not doing much of that this year. I know, it’s a bummer really but hey, I live on the coast so I can’t complain! And if you’re also staying at home this year, let’s promote the stay-cation!

During my ‘re-evaluation’ of my life over the last couple of months (which remains incomplete at this point), a Mama and Papa pigeon decided to start a family on one of our balconies! It was certainly a parallel sign of the new life I’ve been breathing into my business and my website - I hope you’ll enjoy having a look around and remember, constructive criticism is always appreciated!

Much love,

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