Monday Muse | Move


For the longest time I’ve avoided it. Closed my eyes to it. And I’ve even pretended it didn’t exist. Exercise. There, I’ve said it out loud, yet it doesn’t make it any easier to take action.

I have the greatest of intentions but right now my resistance is low and I’m easily side tracked. Yet I know I will feel better once I begin.

I tell myself I can do this. Yet I still put it off.

I try to imagine myself when I reach my target. Yet it still seems un-do-able.

Deep down, I’m a procrastinator at heart. I wait until it’s inevitably too late (although I do my best work when under pressure!) But I can’t afford to do that this time. So while my mind is occupied with so much other stuff that’s going on right now, I have to make a start. I have to put one foot in front of the other now more than ever before.

I’m starting Wednesday. Wish me luck and perseverance… I know I’m going to need it!

Much love,