Weekly Vibe | Llandudno Sweep


I’ve always admired the sweep of the Llandudno seafront as we drive down the hill from Penrhyn Bay. It never, ever ceases to give me a sense of wonder. And the view from the pier at the other end of the seafront is just as breathtaking.

I wistfully imagine the grandeur of days gone by. These buildings standing to attention like a debonair row of dashing gentlemen. Entrances with arms open wide, oak staircases and high ceilings, floorboards that bend and creak as residents make their way to and from their rooms. Stories held within these walls that only a teeny-weeny minuscule of the population will ever know or even remember. Breakfast tables, dinner dances and ballroom gowns, daily nightcaps and cigars, four poster beds and visitors drinking in the sea view like a tonic that fixes all. This strip is, without a doubt, so very good for the soul.

And once again, I’m reminded of how extremely lucky I feel to live along this part of the Welsh coast.

Much love,

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