Once upon a Wednesday | Charlie turns 6


When this little guy arrived in our lives in March 2013, he was a little bundle of quietness. I began calling him Charlie Bear after the little Charlie Bear I bought him before he was born.

Charlie Bear and I bonded throughout the early hours of each morning for a week while he slept in my room so Jodie could get a little more sleep and see to older bro’ Jack (16 months at the time) if he had a restless night.

Charlie woke like clockwork around 02:00-ish and I’d change him and whisper sweet nothings to him as I fed him. Once winded, back off to sleep he’d go. He was (and still is) such a sweet cutie and as his milestones came and went, his personality began to grow. And grow. And grow.

Over the years, he’s been called Charlie Bear, The Bear, Charlie Bear with curly hair and just Bear. Even the nursery staff called him Charlie Bear. He’s given us so much joy with his sunshine smile, cheeky giggle and the quirky little things he often comes out with.

And now he’s 6.

I don’t know where that little bundle of quietness went - he now has a personality larger than life, he’s loud and proud and has boundless energy.

We love you till the end of time Charlie!

Much love,