Once upon a Wednesday | Nah... not today


You may recall I blogged these blooms when they were at their perfectly imperfect best a couple of weeks back. They held on strong for a good 10 days or so before they finally decided enough was enough.

And don’t we all have days like that? When, despite mustering all our effort, sometimes we just have to kick back and say nah… it’s not happening today.

But y’know, these blooms are still so beautiful even when they’re not at their best. The colours, the textures, the beauty is all still there, just in a different format.

And so when you’re challenged by something that you’re just not in the mood to stomach, switch off, walk away, breathe deep and remember, that you are still you, the beautiful you, even if you’re just not up for something at that point in time.

Most of all, be easy on yourself. Always.

Much love,


Word art by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.