Once upon a Wednesday | Cuteness Overload


I loved having the opportunity to capture Amara, Rolanda’s daughter and Sandra and Theo’s granddaughter, when we visited. Hayley had already mentioned to me that Amara loves it when Ava comes to visit which was plain to see… Amara just bounds with energy and excitement! I asked if I could get some shots of her and Ava while they played and with a nod of her head, I got to work on an impromptu mini session.

It wasn’t far into my time with them when Amara asked if she could see the back of my camera. “Of course!” I said and opened up the playback screen. “Oh!” she squealed, “I look cute!”

Yes Amara, you are very cute and sassy and full of confidence and totally adorable. And next time, it’ll be a princess shoot for you, sweet girl!


Sweet, gorgeous girls, so full of fun and joy and smiles!

Much love,