Thanks on Thursday | Oupa


Between Vincent and I, he has long been the desired grandparent of choice for these two boys. As Oupa, he has his own tried and trusted modus operandi as far as grandkids go. Not a great lover of cats, he says "You need to treat babies like cats. Ignore them and they'll come looking for you". I happen to have witnessed his recipe for success with these two. They ADORE Oupa.

When they were both in nursery, we'd pick them up on occasion and as soon as they spotted us, they'd shout "Oupa! Oupa!" and run to him. I remember a time when another little boy had spotted us before Jack and Charlie and he was having a sweet conversation with Oupa. As soon as Charlie saw us, he was on the scene, gently pushing the other little boy away as if to say "this is my Oupa!" 

Now as much as I believe in Oupa's recipe for popularity, I also know he's the one between us who'll do the rough stuff like hang them upside down by their ankles as they giggle during horseplay, he's the one who'll joke with them about boy stuff and he's also the one who loves the attention of these two. Meanwhile, I'm the one doing the more "this needs to be done" stuff lie helping them fasten their laces, wiping their noses and telling them when they need a coat.

But while I'm the one in charge of the sensible stuff, I love seeing the fun, loving and sometimes riotous relationship between these three. It warms my heart so much and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We don't see them very often given the distance and we have four other grandkids who are even further away in South Africa but we'll be seeing them all again real soon - just not all together - but it will be photo time!

Thank you Oupa for the Oupa you are. We love you and hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow!