Thanks on Thursday | Right Here


This is where you’ll find me hanging out most nights and at weekends when I’m not out shooting. A happy place and one of my favourite spots to be. My cute little bureau, picked up in a sorry state, and my captain’s chair (that wasn’t in such a sorry state), both lovingly restored, nurtured and newly distressed by Jodie and given to me, some four or so years ago now. 

There’s been much diverse inspiration found in this spot. My business was born right here. The foundations and building blocks of my dream came together right here to form my business. So many stories have been written right here. So many images have been processed from my camera and delivered to clients right here. So many ah-ha moments and WOW! moments right here. So many webinars attended right here. And so much online education soaked up right here.

Occasionally, ok, a little more than occasionally I should say, this space gets just a little less neat which makes my head hurt. Mostly it’s reminder post it notes of emails to send and reply to, ideas jotted down in a scribble or two, webinars to attend, website checks and a hundred and one other things I need to remember which eventually make it into my scheduler and my head space is free of the occupation of clutter once more. 

I LOVE these two pieces of furniture! They constantly remind me of my beautiful, first born daughter and all the hard work she did on these pieces, especially bringing the bureau back to life and looking gorgeous. And I use them every single day.

Thank you Jodie, you’ll never know how much these two pieces of furniture mean to me!

Much love,