Friday Favourite | Friday!


For the longest time I’ve loved Friday’s. And I know I’m not alone! Everybody loves Friday’s, right?! Unless you work shifts and your ‘Friday’ is some other day of your working week. The optimist in me loves the idea of having two whole days to do exactly as I please. No alarm required. No timetable. Nowhere to be unless I really want to. Reading through the million and one tabs I have open on my phone, the mountain of emails that I really must unsubscribe from but I’d hate to miss something, and some online education. Time with my camera. Time with Vincent. And time to just be.

However, the organiser in me stops dead in its tracks on Friday evening, screaming laundry, changing of bedding, bathroom, kitchen, dusting and getting rid of the cobweb that I’d missed the week before. Vacuuming, (ok, Vincent does that one but I still have to encourage him to do it!), tidying, chucking junk mail and the previous week’s TV guide which I don’t really know why I keep it in the first place seeing as I don’t touch the TV remote from one blue moon to another. And then quite honestly, enjoying the fruits of my labour - and Vincent’s vacuuming - a clean and tidy place in which I can sit back, relax and get on with my creative stuff.

But then I run out of time and before I know it Sunday evening is looming, my ‘nice to do’ list has a measly two ticks and I then find myself wrestling to get that ‘ready for the week = day job’ attitude. Nah, I’m definitely not an over achiever as far as having the day job mindset, I have far more interesting and enjoyable things to do with my time but it’s just that I have bills to pay so needs must.

One day… *sigh*

Now you may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned cooking in the blurb above. That’s because I’m super lucky as Vincent does 99% of the cooking. I know! Spoilt, hey?! He’s a keeper! Love ya honey!


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