Thanks on Thursday | Coastal Village Life


It's hard not to fall in love with Rhos on Sea. When we moved here some 9 years ago this month, little did I know how this sweet village would work its way into my heart as much as it has. Our top floor corner flat provides us with coastal views all year round and each year, as the seasons roll in and out with the tide, I'm forever in awe of living on the coast.

From one extreme to another, the sea is everything from a looking glass on balmy summer days to a raging madman during winter storms who gives waves permission to crash up and over the prom wall, drenching anything or anyone in their way. Oh, how I love those stormy days!

We have everything we need here and I'm truly thankful that this little place appears to thrive with its influx of day trippers when the weather is good, but perhaps more importantly, because it is supported by the local community all year round.

And as the hustle and bustle of the day dies down, a dog barks in the far distance and a car door slams shut, the sunset casts it's soft tones over the bay as if to whisper... "relax, tomorrow is another day". 

Simply put... I never want to leave.