Once upon a Wednesday | Messing about on the river


I came across this little guy while Vincent, Dewald, Hayley & Ava were enjoying the rides at Alton Towers way back in April. I watched him as he gracefully made his way across the water. While he didn't seem to care, I wondered if he secretly got a little hacked off having thousands of visitors, young, old and in between, around his patch every day.

As I watched him, I soaked in the peacefulness he unknowingly created in my world at that point in time. Time, not stopping completely, seemed to slow down as I breathed in the tranquility of those moments while I watched him navigate is habitat.

He has no idea that he made a difference in my world that day... reminding me to take time to dream, to remember and to just be.


Word art by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.

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