Thanks on Thursday | Stationery and the Art of Handwriting


Ever since primary school, I've been a lover of nice stationery. My particular jam is notebooks and pens (and a sassy little business card from MOO!) and I have a nice little stash that I've yet to use - simply because I don't want to mess up the notebooks with my scrappy handwriting. My writing was really neat when I left school so I blame my often untidy scrawl on the need to scribble things down uber quick during my early working years.

Of course, with everything electronic/digital these days, our fingers so easily grace a keyboard when there's something to say, record, list, etc. Few of us actually take much time to write anything more other than perhaps a short grocery list, a greetings card (that's if we haven't already wished the celebrated individual - electronically, of course), or a quick signature when we really have to... and can't 'sign electronically'.

Two of my most treasured possessions are pieces of my Mum and Dad's handwriting when they wrote in my autograph book in primary school - I know, my parents were stars in my eyes! So I'm trying to change my habits. I want to get back to writing and taking the time to pick up one of my lovely pens and writing neatly again. I want my neat handwriting to be remembered by our kids and known to our grandkids as they grow older. How about you?

Much love,


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