Friday Favourite | Whole30 Chilli


I first stumbled on Whole30 just over two years ago. I'd read quite a few articles about it, considered some recipes which looked delicious and decided that this was something I wanted to pursue. While Whole30 is not considered a diet as such, one of the positives can invariably be weight loss. Vincent and I needed to lose some weight so we committed to getting back to basics a go. Now anyone who's ever followed a Whole30 month of stripping will know that it takes a whole lot of organisation and time to follow through. And you'll do a whole lot of chopping! It's also not entirely gentle on the wallet. But the results can be amazing.

The general idea is that you follow the Whole30 process for 30 days and then you begin introducing certain foods that have been eliminated so you can assess the effect of such foods on your body and ultimately amend your diet accordingly.

By stripping out things like dairy, bread, sugar, alcohol and processed foods, etc, etc, from your diet, Whole30 is a means of setting your body back to zero. So many of us suffer from allergies and intolerances - some you may not even realise - so Whole30 provides a great opportunity to discover how certain foods affect you. Vincent had been suffering badly with sciatica and medication only eased it so much. Within two weeks of Whole30, he noticed a massive difference in his level of pain. I'd been suffering with psoriasis that flared up angrily on a regular basis - that too cleared.

We both felt so much better. We had more energy. We were eating good, wholesome and healthy food. We had so much more variation at meal times. And we were so happy with our weight loss during that first month that we continued on our Whole30 journey for another 5 months, ultimately becoming sciatica and psoriasis free!

Since the latter half of last year, given our individual schedules that are both busy and tiring, plus the fact that we don't always eat our evening mean together, we've slowly slipped back into old habits. However, one recipe we continue to use is the heart warming and tasty Whole30 chilli. And the vegetables and spices make for a vibrant image which is a bonus!

I really want to get back into the Whole30 way of eating. I'm an all or nothing kind of person and I have virtually no discipline or will power when it comes to my sweet tooth so Whole30 is the perfect straight and narrow option for me. I've just got to figure out a way to fit the organisation and preparation into our routine at the moment. Because it is so worth it.

So if you think Whole30 is something you may benefit from, I encourage you to give it a whirl. (Recipe books can be purchased on Amazon). You'll probably be pleasantly surprised at the results!


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