Thanks on Thursday | Apple


I'm not quite sure how to start off this post because the story still gives me the shivers... and makes me think I could create a whole new group of emojis for this single purpose. But let me begin by asking how much we all love getting a new Apple product, right? Yip. You bet. Wrapped and boxed so perfectly in top quality materials. You switch your new device on and hey presto... as if by magic it starts 'talking' to every other Apple product in the vicinity. I just love how intuitive Apple engineering is.

I swear I didn't become complacent with my treasured iPhone 7 Plus last week. I'm paranoid about losing it or getting it damaged or leaving it somewhere (like I did with my iPhone 6 while not even 12 months into my two year contract, tut, tut, tut). And Vincent regularly checks me with my phone - don't balance it like that... did you pick up your phone (from a restaurant table)... mind your phone... don't put it down anywhere... have you got your phone. But how was I to know that it would launch itself from the back pocket of my jeans and into... the toilet!!!

Yip, you read right. And for those who wonder whether I'd 'been' or not. No, I hadn't. But that iPhone came out quicker than it went in, I can tell you. I felt just a tad queasy and I was thinking oh no, an overnight stay in a bowl of rice for this baby - and then who knows? So, after I dried it off... I thought hmmmmm.... that's strange, it hasn't even turned off... I could still get into my email... Facebook... Instagram... WhatsApp... text messages... my photo's. I fully expected those little holes to be dripping water straight off, for the screen to mist up or something that would give me the message that all was not well. When that didn't happen, I thought maybe the damage would take a while to present itself so I decided to just hang 10 and wait for the first sign that something was badly wrong.

I kept picking it up and checking my access to the various things I have on my mobile and I was a little more delighted with each of my checks that afternoon. It was only later that night that I asked Mr Google if my phone was waterproof and I was astonished to read that my gorgeous, beautiful and oh so precious iPhone 7 Plus is indeed waterproof and that it can be submerged in just over 3 feet of water for 30 minutes before getting damaged! Why didn't I know this?!

It's probably worth stating at this point that I haven't mentioned this episode to Vincent but all's well that ends well, hey? In the meantime, to Apple... I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the waterproof engineering you have created. It's sheer genius... as one has come to expect from Apple.