Once upon a Wednesday | Converse All Star


These feet. When they were tiny, I’d spend hours playing this little piggy went to market, I’d kiss their chubbiness and I’d blow raspberries on the soles to make her giggle. They first stood on solid ground in Cape Town. They carried her down the steps of our pool as she very quickly learnt to swim. And then they just jumped from poolside.

Shoeless, a hop, skip and a jump across the road to Tokkie, her day mother and her second Mom (for whom we’re eternally grateful), and she was good for the day’s play. Except for the Doc Marten stage… those boots were worn every.single.day come sunshine or rain for a good 12 months. These feet were the ones that carried her out of the early grades in primary school with no shoes or socks on, as they were simply used to being bare. They pedalled her bike that she loved so much – the one that the baboon ran off with – but that’s a story for another day and I know she’ll chuckle if she reads this.

They carried her through high school in the UK and to no end of out of school activities. To gymnastics, football, karate, horse riding, athletics, swimming, to name a few. To Paris. To Morocco for her Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. To her prom and her weekend jobs. Through sixth form. And university, Beijing and some Cape Town trips. To clubs, parties and functions and meet ups with friends, often with some crazy heel heights.

And two years after Dewald had proposed, they took her back to her home town where they carried her down the aisle as she shared her wedding vows with him. They took her to Thailand on honeymoon, and to Zanzibar and out in the sticks in Johannesburg while he was working there. 

They take her into Ava’s school as she takes a keen an interest in Ava’s education and to the office where she works and has recently been promoted. They drive her new car – the BMW that she’s longed for. They take her to the gym where she enjoys exercising, they take her on date nights with Dewald, and they walk Hugo, their Harlequin Great Dane who’s living up to his name!

They brought her to the UK for two weeks this past Easter with Dewald and Ava and we had the best time. And she wore her Converse All Stars on the ferry to Dublin.

They’ll bring her back this way in October when she will be bridesmaid for her best friend from university. She’ll wear pretty sandals with a pretty dress and she’ll feel honoured to be part her best friend’s big day in such a way.

Who knows where they will take Hayley in the future, how the path ahead will shape up, but she does know… that hers are still the prettiest feet I have ever seen.