Thanks on Thursday | Vanish


I've long been a fan of Vanish from the very first soap bar they introduced moons ago. That little soap bar worked like magic on the kids clothes when they were little. What grass stain? What raspberry ice cream stain? And for the adults - what red wine stain? No problem - Vanish will take care of it!

Since the children aren't little anymore - and they're fully responsible for their own laundry in their individual households - I've moved onto Vanish Gold for our 'whiter than white' whites. There's something so satisfying about pulling a wash load out of the washing machine that has been given the Vanish once-over. (I'm pretty easily pleased!) Vincent's white shirts have a starchy feel to them which I love when I iron them. Our white towels are still white and luxurious after a tumble in the dryer. But most of all, our whites are white-white.

A slight downside is the price. It's not particularly cheap but it's so worth it!


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