Thanks on Thursday | My Soulmate

Liz Toms Photography-Thanks on Thursday-Rhos on Sea-Colwyn Bay-Llandudno

It seems only right that I kick off my Thanks on Thursday series with this guy. Vincent. My husband. My soulmate. My rock. Him and I have so much history together, just like so many other couples have, while we do this thing called life.

Our story does have an odd twist to it though and we've laughed, we've cried and we've argued. Neither of us is perfect, far from it, but together, we simply just work. Any spare time we have, we spend together - generally doing different things but nearly always in the same room. He reads, watches TV, checks where he is on the Bowls ranking and often snoozes on the sofa while I chip away at this side hustle of mine.

I'm super thankful for this guy, for all that he does for me, for how much he supports and encourages me in all that I do, and I love him truly, madly deeply.

And any guy who does the cooking and the washing up is worth his weight in gold, right? You betcha!

Liz Toms Photography-Portrait Photographer-Rhos on Sea-Colwyn Bay-Llandudno