Strawberry Crush

Liz Toms Photography-Blog-Strawberry Crush

A brand new section to my blog, like a clear sheet of paper, and a rather refreshing feeling as I ponder all the possibilities of recording the ordinary, everyday of life in snippets and, quite simply, as they come to mind.

My Life blog posts will provide me with a place to not only celebrate the good, but show gratitude for my blessings, share the trials and tribulations of my everyday life but also, on occasion, speak about the lemons that one gets lobbed with from time to time. 

And hey... strawberries seem a pretty good place to start! I'd like to think Wimbledon have the Harrods or Fortnum & Mason quality of strawberries - I certainly hope so because I can't find a punnet of strawberries that are oozing with flavour, you know, just like they used to! Seriously, I've never met a bland strawberry that I've liked! They sure look the part still, gloriously red and each one just as unique as the next but here's the deal... each and every time a strawberry passes my lips, my taste buds are expecting that juicy, fruitful and oh so strawberry-flavoured and each and every time, I'm just a little disappointed.

I recall some years ago (and believe me, I've dug deep into the archives for this one), my eldest sister, Jackie, and I were out for a stroll with her first baby. Our Dad had not long passed away and we were taking some flowers for his grave at the cemetery. It was a glorious summers day, I was on school holidays (see, I told you I dug deep for this one), and we stopped at a greengrocers on our way and picked up a punnet of strawberries. We pushed the pram between us that afternoon, dipping in to the punnet as we walked, tossing the odd one that didn't quite make the grade here and there  as we went. Those strawberries were the most delicious I have ever tasted. They were so good! Ah..... they just don't make 'em like they used to!

If there's anyone out there who'd care to give me the low-down on growing juicy, delicious strawberries, please get in touch!