Christmas 2018 | The Year of the Vinyl


Ahhhhh… Christmas time. Love it or not, I’m not sure anyone can hold back and not feel just a little festive as jingle bells are jingling, carollers are carolling and there’s twinkles twinkling everywhere!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, full of peace and love.

We had my brother, Fred, and sister, Jennie, over for Christmas dinner so it was a precious mix of catching up on who’s doing what, who’s been where, what’s new and what’s not, recalling Christmas’ past while enjoying the traditional Christmas fare of turkey, beef, roasties, vegetables, Christmas pudding with a choice of brandy sauce, custard or ice cream and ending up with mince pies. It’s not surprising after all those goodies, there was no room for Christmas cake so Fred and Jennie took a chunk home with them!

The four of us love chatting around a table at the best of times (just ask Jodie and Stuart!) so, of course, Christmas time is super special as we share this festive time together.

The guy in the charity shop probably thought I was a little crazy when I picked up 4 records (yes, vinyl!) for my table decoration! Four for £1, he said - and I paid. The Tide is High - Blondie (Fred is a fan and we have a beautiful view on the coast) and the other three were Christmas/Winter themed… Thin Ice by David Cassidy (not sure I know that one?), A Winter’s Tale by David Essex and Lonely This Christmas by Mud! Armed with a little spray paint, they came up a treat for something just a little different!

I don’t do too much in the way of decorations but I miss them just a little (actually for all of 5 minutes) when I pack them away, like I did today… I know, I know, de-decorating (if there is such a word!) is only supposed to take place 12 days after Christmas but I did well this year, packing them and this little fellow away today… I’ve packed them away on Boxing Day before now as slowly but surely, some of my superstitions are fading!


Family… I am eternally grateful of every one of you and thank you to Fred, Jennie & Vincent for making this year so very wonderful as we ate, drank and were merry! Till next year, this is Christmas 2018 over and out!

Much love,