Thanks on Thursday | Birthday Girl


Nappies, feeds, lack of sleep, not getting yourself dressed before 2pm, teething, day mothers, pre-school, grommets, water melon, primary school, parents evenings, play dates, bicycles, swimming, karate, gymnastics, sports days, birthday parties, high school, horse riding, work experience, exams, first boyfriend, driving licence, university, partying, her having fun, missing her, longing for her to be home for a while but realising that she’s ready to fly and you have to let go.

At the time, you feel like each phase goes on forever. But it doesn’t. And when you eventually catch your breath, you realise those were the days.

Hayley is our youngest. And she turns 28 today. That’s insane!

She’s now a wife and a super step-mom. She knows what she wants and she works to get it. She likes nice cars and fine things. She’s a breath of fresh air and we’re so lucky that she’s ours.

Happy birthday Babe! We love you and we’re looking forward to seeing you again really soon!

Much love, Mom & Dad xx

Much love,


Word art by Cathy Zielske at Designer Digitals.