Thanks on Thursday | The Other Side of the Lens


As a photographer, I’m the one behind the lens for 99% of the time. While some of us are happy to stay behind the lens, it’s so important that you move to the other side once in a while. In fact, more than once in a while… I encourage you to do it on a regular basis so that you are also captured in the story of your family, your friends, your life.

Because one day, photographs are all your family and friends will have of you and if you haven’t taken the time to change places despite having no make up on, a bad hair day, whatever it is that prevents you from moving to the other side of the lens, your absence in photo’s will make your loved ones heartsore.

I love it when someone says “let me take a photo of you”. Just like my sister, Jennifer, did here at her birthday get together last year. I love how she captured Vincent and I. Despite her complaining that my camera was heavy, I’ll make a second shooter out of her yet!

Thanks Jennifer - you did a grand job!

Much love,