Once upon a Wednesday | Duck Apple


As a child, Halloween really wasn’t a big thing for us. Not like it is today as the supermarkets devote more aisles than I consider appropriate to all stuff Halloween. I can recall my mother buying some apples for us to play duck apple but once I’d dunked my nose under the water just once in an attempt to get an apple in the clutches of my, probably then, baby teeth, I’d had enough.

I really don’t know why duck apple would constitute an appropriate game to play given that a child can drown in an inch or two of water, but that’s what we did. Maybe my mother had ulterior motives… did she sneakily allow us to play our own version of russian roulette with trick or treat? Nah, she loved us, I know she did. Besides, she never left us unattended… and things were so different back then.

Duck apple and apples hanging from a line of string - if you managed to get a bite in either game with your hands tied behind your back, you were seriously meant for bigger things!

For those out trick-or-treating tonight - enjoy!

Much love,


Word art by Cathy Zielske at Designer Digitals.