Once upon a Wednesday | And now he's 7


Seven? That’s bonkers as Charlie would say! But yes, Jack turned 7 on Monday. It seems like yesterday when I held this cute Dude in my arms for the first time, when he was just one day old in all his newborn-ness with his mop of dark hair.

For the longest time as a toddler, he didn’t like the camera. For the longest time, he’d shy away from it, even hiding his face when he really didn’t want to play along. For the longest time, my shots were hit and miss but I was jubilant when, on the 1% chance, I succeeded in capturing him!

“Shall I put the camera away?” I even asked him on one occasion a couple of years ago. When he nodded and muttered “yes”, I realised for the longest time that I’d been overstepping the mark. So Nana did as she was told and put the camera away. For the next 12 months or so, I let him be. If I captured him at the same time as Charlie (who, by the way, has always stopped and grinned at the camera for a nano-second before charging off on his merry way), I was more than happy.

Fast forward to the day I decided to change my approach and asked Jack for his permission to pose for a selfie with me. Not hesitating for a second, he obliged and I was over the moon! Since then, he’s been a different kid in front of the camera. Now he’ll stop and give me the most delightful smile with an added twinkle in his eye. And he loves to look at the back of my camera to see the shot. I was just rather slow to realise I had to go along with his terms. And it’s been so worth waiting for!

Yes, he’s 7 and still so handsome with those gorgeous brown eyes and irresistible dimples. Love you millions Jack-a-roo! Mwah!

Much love,