Thanks on Thursday | Reading - His & Hers


As the crown green bowling season has come to an end, Vincent’s been pondering what he’s going to be doing with himself during the Winter months and it seems his love of reading has been rekindled. So many read on their iPads/tables/kindles these days. I just find that because I have so much ‘screen’ time given what I do, the last thing I want to do is ‘read a book’ from a screen too. Hence our visit to the library last week. 

Hers – super light reading – I don’t have time to absorb complicated plots, and modern – none of that period drama type stuff and a happy ending – because that’s what I love. In real life and in fiction. Just don’t judge me on Danielle Steele! Moons ago, I loved her books but I haven’t picked one up in decades until now. Disclaimer – I don’t know where I think I’m going to find the time to read but as I went from shelf to shelf in the library, it felt good to have a ‘proper’ book in my hands that I got a little carried away! I think it had something to do with the peace and quiet as I made my selection - it fooled me into thinking my life at the moment is beautifully tranquil with oodles of hours that I don’t know what to do with.

I did, however, manage to swerve “The Big Book of Tea Cozies” as I checked out the non-fiction section… not that I have anything against tea cozies or those that use them or make them… it just made me question why authors name their work ‘The Big Book of…’ or the ‘Little Book of…’, I’ve even seen ‘The Little Big Book of…’? They’re never that big, that little and what is a little big book anyway!

His – if any of this TV viewing lately is anything to go by, quite simply, action packed, gore and twisted storylines with tons of characters that are hard to keep up with, y’know, the who’s who and all that, where everything and everybody seems to morph into something or somebody quite unsavoury or rather gross! To be honest, I wouldn’t really know if there are similarities in his reading choices versus his TV choices because never in a million years would I be of a mind to read something from an author he likes. But I can’t help but tune in on his TV viewing. Opposites attract, they say!

So what’s your jam when it comes to reading?

Much love,