Thanks on Thursday | Reserved


It doesn’t take much for Vincent and I to head on out for a bite to eat. It’s been a longstanding tradition that on these spontaneous occasions, we always ask “what are we celebrating?” 

The response can be anything from “hey, it’s your birthday next week!” or “the kids are all healthy!” to having some good news from one of the kids, one of the grandkids has had an achievement or even “it’s almost weekend!” 

One of our favourite jaunts is a little restaurant tucked away in Penrhyn Bay called Home from Home. While the name leaves little to the imagination, the traditional home cooked foods don’t disappoint. It’s informal and casual and, despite our spontaneity, they always seem to manage to fit us in at short notice and the service is always good.

They also do a fabulous afternoon tea so if you’re ever in this neck of the woods, do give it a try!

Much love,


Word art by Katie Pertiet at Designer Digitals.